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Our environmentally friendly goat grazing services.

McCormick Livestock is an environmentally friendly ranch, located at the base of the Sierra Foothills in Wallace, California. We have been offering contract goat grazing services since 2007.

Our environmentally friendly grazing services have been a hit, clients just love watching the goats at work and the goats do an awesome job reducing unwanted vegetation.

At McCormick Livestock we do not kill native predators, we use predator friendly practices to co-exist with the native animals. Livestock guardian dogs live with the goat herds. Solar generated electrical fencing is used to keep predators out of grazing cells.

We believe in environmentally friendly ranching. The Valley Springs ranch is off the electrical grid. Electricity and water on the ranch are generated by solar power. Some of the water used on the ranch is gravity fed.

The Ultimate Weed Eater!